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South Bank Playhouse, Friday 30th & Saturday 31st January at 8pm.


Join us for 'In Pursuit Of Giants' - a staged rehearsed reading of a new play by South Bank member Min Witts.


"It is not the storm, but the tea cup that has the ability to shatter." An awful lot can happen in 24 hours; birth, death, regeneration, disintegration. It’s a wonder that we cope with it at all!


This play looks at how we assemble our securities; the ideals, the beliefs and the motivations that we live by and asks, what happens if they crumble? What would remain?


From the three old men that sit around in the pub as they get older and older, to the scientist that studies the life of a may-fly; from the vicar who cannot find his God, to the two stone angels that cannot get along, but cannot get away from each other.


‘In Pursuit of Giants’ is about seeking solace in the small and oftenover-looked things in life.“Is there in fact, beauty in everything? Was it all born of this? This nuisance, this pest, this beat and rhythm began everything?”

A Doll's House
by Henrik Ibsen